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Eastern European Groceries including
Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian and Polish specialty foods.
Catering for your Party - Banquet Room
Deli and Restaurant.   Serving Seattle since 1997.

  In our grocery we proudly offer:

  • smoked meats

  • cheeses

  • dry curd cottage cheese

  • sweets

  • dairy

  • canned fruits & vegetables

  • beer & wine

  • cakes & pastries

These come from a number of the Eastern European countries:   Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Romania, Moldova, Latvia, Check Republic, Bulgaria are to name a few. 

Dry curd cottage cheese is a high-protein, sugar-free cheese. 

It is known by different names throughout the world. In some regions, it is called farmer cheese while in other areas it is called baker cheese

We proudly carry 7 types of dry curd cottage cheese!

Wonderful for baking!  Delicious for breakfast!  Perfect with honey or jam!


Our professionally baked cakes and pastries will keep you coming back for more


Our selections of wine from Georgia, Romania, Poland, Moldova and Bulgaria have been growing day after day.  Only here, you can taste beer from almost all the Eastern European countries.

   Deli and Restaurant

In our Deli section, you will always find freshly made cabbage rolls, blintzes with meats and cheeses, our best seller - Armenian eggplant salad, herring under vegetable coat, and many other homemade dishes. 

Fresh German, Russian, Latvian breads, marinated mushrooms, roasted meats and wonderful dumplings with all the possible fillings will never leave you indifferent.  We take pride in our foods!

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Catering & Banquets
Deli & Restaurant
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О нас, о магазине, о ресторане и меню для банкетов


Along with delicious and fresh groceries, we offer:

Huge variety of fresh homemade dishes

Calling cards

   Catering and Banquets

Are you having a party?  We will offer you a nice cozy room for up to 50 people, tastefully decorate the room, place outstandingly delicious food on the tables, and provide live music for you.

Would you like to take your party to your home or to some pleasant place outdoors?  We will offer you catering with our love and inspiration, letting you enjoy carefree and restful time.

Banquet and Catering Menus          Банкетное меню          

We hope that here you will find the products not only for any, even the most demanding taste, but also at the very affordable price.  In order to see all that, please come to us!  As always, we will happily help you and gratefully listen to your wishes and suggestions.