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For as long as we remember ourselves, our family loved good food.  Maybe because it was never available in such abundance in Russia where we grew up and lived until 20 years ago.  Or maybe because European and especially Russian and Ukrainian foods are too delicious not to love.  But the fact remains: our family always cooked gourmet food, truly enjoyed discovering new dishes, and many people around us always appreciated the dinners we often invited them for.

For the above reasons, when we, Ludmila (a registered nurse in the past) and Gregory (a civil engineer in his past life), immigrated to the United States 30 years ago, it was almost obvious for us what kind of business we had to start here, in the Land of Opportunities. 

Ludmila got her chance to shine as the Most Creative Chef of the Russian and Ukrainian communities, and her ever-changing menu never fails to pleasantly surprise people. 

Gregory's job is to make sure that everyone who comes to the store finds something to their delight, be that smoked meats or fish, European cheese, dairy, chocolates, German breads, marinated vegetables, or the best pierogi in town.  Their collection of European beer and wine is simply the best.

Now, for over 20 years, our EUROPEAN FOODS is serving people of the greater Seattle area.  They think of us when they want something gourmet and unusual.  They think of us when they want a hot homemade meal.  They also think of us when they are planning a birthday party or a wedding and are in need of a good catering or even a place to have a fabulous party.  We are there to take care of all of the above, and are very grateful to all of you for thinking of us, coming to us, and helping us grow and become Your European Gourmet food store.

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