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Featuring Russian & other Eastern European Foods

Our Seattle store-café has opened its doors for you in October of 1997.  Since then, we have learned to understand the tastes and preferences of our customers, the number of whom has been growing year after year.

Multiple times, we have changed our products, narrowed and widened our assortments in accordance to our customers' wishes, remodeled the store and redecorated the café, constantly added to our collections of the rental movies, always increasing the number of services to you, our loyal customers.

In our café, you can enjoy lunch or dinner at any time. 

Are you having a party?  We will offer you a nice cozy room for up to 50 people, tastefully decorate the room, place outstandingly delicious food on the tables, and provide live music for you.  See our Catering & Banquets page.


Red caviar on white bread  


Meat "Oliver" salad  4.49
Beets & other vegetable salad   3.99
Herring under vegetable coat           4.99
Piroshki with meat or cabbage filling   2.99
Eggplant rolls filled w/ vegetables and garlic   4.99
Eggplant salad w/garlic, walnuts and fress dill 4.99
European smoked meats assortment  5.49
Korean style carrot salad (spicy)      3.99
Vegetable salad        3.49
Main Entrees  
Borsch (Russian beet soup) / half size 4.99 / 3.49
Sandwich with your choice of meat/cheese   5.99
Cutlet (gourmet style burger w/side dish   7.99
Hungarian goulash w/side dish      7.99
Beef Stroganoff w/side dish 8.99
Fried fish fillet w/side dish 5.99
Pelmeni - small Russian style dumplings w/meat 6.99
Vareniki - large Russian ravioli w/potatoes 5.99
Blintzes with meat or sweet cheese filling 6.49
Chicken Kiev w/side dish 8.99
Chicken or beef chops 7.99
Cabbage rolls 7.99
Sardeli (cooked sausage) w/side dish 5.99
Vegetarian Dishes  
Eggplant rolls filled w/ vegetables and garlic 4.99
Eggplant salad w/garlic, walnuts and fresh dill 4.99
Korean style carrot salad (spicy) 3.99
Vegetable salad 3.49
Borsch (Russian beet soup) / half size 4.99 / 3.49
Vareniki - large Russian ravioli w/potatoes 5.99
Blintzes with sweet cheese filling 6.49
Beverages - Dessert  
Tea, coffee   $1.99
Pepsi, Coke  1.49
Kvas - Russian sweet yeast non-alcoholic drink  1.99
Beer of your choice      4.99
A slice of European cake of your choice  4.99


Холодные закуски  
Бутерброды с красной икрой           


Cалат оливье  4.49
Винегрет      3.99
Сельдь под шубой     4.99
Селедочка с луком          3.49

Сало с чесночком и горчичкой                                

Пирожки (с мясом или капустой)  2.99
Баклажанные рулеты с овощами и грибами            4.99
Баклажаны по- армянски                                        4.99
Мясное ассорти                                                5.49
Морковь по-корейски                                                3.99
Зелёный салат                                                         3.49


Основные  блюда  
Борщ / пол-порции             4.49 / 3.49
Бутерброды с колбасой и сыром 5.99
Котлеты мясные (2 шт) с гарниром    7.99
Венгерский гуляш с гарниром  7.99
Бифстроганофф с гарниром                 8.99
Рыба жареная с гарниром     5.99
Пельмени     6.99
Варенники  с картошкой                5.99
Блинчики с мясом или творогом          6.49
Котлеты по-киевски   8.99
Цыплята табака                                         6.99
Голубцы                  7.99
Сардельки или сосиски с гарниром           5.99
Напитки - Десерт  
Чай, кофе    $1.99
Пепси, кока-кола  1.49
Квас/стакан  1.99
Пиво на выбор      4.99
Торт на выбор  4.99

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